April is Pigeon Eviction Month at I Clean Solar!

April is pigeon eviction month at I Clean Solar. Pigeons LOVE nesting under solar panels, creating a fire risk around all of those cables, as well as a health risk to your family!

That’s where I CLEAN SOLAR can help. Not only will they install a pigeon-proofing system with 5 year warranty, but in the month of April, you’ll get a professional panel clean for free!

PIGEON EVICTION MONTH at I CLEAN SOLAR. For a free quote call 1300 18 53 30 or send us your details here and we will get in contact with you as soon as we are available. 

For more information regarding the dangers of birds nesting under your solar panels, visit http://www.icleansolar.com.au/services/pigeon-proofing-solar/.