Solar Panel Cleaning

We specialize in professional chemical free solar panel cleaning in residential, commercial and rural applications.

We service all areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Logan, Gladstone and Rockhampton

What our Solar Panel Cleaning process includes:-

  • Photovoltaic module inspection (glass, frame, visible roof penetration, dangling wires.)
  • Before/After photos of the modules
  • Water down modules with deionized water
  • Clean the panels with a non-abrasive brush recommended by the panel manufacturer

Why choose us?:-

  • No chemicals are used, our process is safe to use on places where rain water is relied upon
  • The best equipment is used, ensuring all water used is de-ironized, a critical requirement to make sure the water dries spotlessly clear
  • We have been working in the roofing industry for well over ten years, we know how to walk over your roof without causing any damage
  • We are fully insured, incase the unexpected happens

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Do my panels really need cleaning?

Absolutely! Think about it this way, a photon takes approx 8 minutes to travel 149 million km from the sun to your solar panel, only to be bounced away by the dirt, dust and pollution on the surface of your panel! Give those well traveled money making photons a home after their long trip by getting your solar panels professionally cleaned by I CLEAN SOLAR!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Ipswich