Are solar panels self cleaning?

The answer to this one is extremely simple. NO! Solar panels self cleaning is a myth, despite what you have been told by the salesman that sold you your system, the bloke down the road that knows everything and even Google, and they will NOT self clean when it is raining or when they are hosed, no matter how heavy the rain or hosing is. Check out this video that was taken in Ipswich on 13/06/16 after heavy rain that morning. Prior to that, Ipswich had nearly 100mm a couple weeks before hand from an East Coast Low that dumped a lot of rain over South East Queensland. Check it out here:-

solar panels self cleaning

solar panels self cleaning

Your solar panels are about as self cleaning as your car, it looks nice and shiny when it is wet, but when it dries out it goes back to being dirty. The difference is when your car is dirty you are not losing money, but when your solar panels are dirty you are missing out in big dollars!

The solar panels most at risk of getting dirty are systems located in areas with a lot of gum trees, a lot of traffic (eg. busy road), near an airport or positioned under regular flight paths and rural dusty areas. The best way to see if your solar panels are dirty and need cleaning, have a look at them from the ground. If you can not see a reflection, there is a strong chance your solar panels are dirty and need a pro clean by I Clean Solar. Another pretty simple way to find out is by checking your energy bill. To find out more information or to get a quote to get your solar panels cleaned click here.

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$89 PV solar panel clean (for up to 10 panels)

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Visual inspection and condition report.

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