So you have spent a large sum of money on those blue rectangles on your roof in the hope that it will make your energy bill disappear and, fingers crossed, make you money. But did you know that PV solar systems are not a set and forget system, and you need to show them a little bit of love to ensure they work at maximum capacity. Check out our list if things to look out for to get the best from your PV solar system.

1. Trees and Shading

Possibly the most obvious thing to look out for, but often over looked. Make sure your trees haven’t grown to the point that they are casting shade over your solar panels during the day. Your sneaky trees may have grown quite a bit since your system was installed, so keep an eye on where there shadows are heading. Please also note that if you were told that your panels are “Shade Tolerant”, you have been lied to. Even if the shade only covers a small part of a panel, the impact is extensive and you WILL lose out.

2. Get your panels cleaned

Too many times I hear the phrase “self cleaning” when people are talking about their solar panels. Sorry guys, but when the salesman told you that your panels will self clean each time it rains, he was lying through his teeth. Although rain may wash off the loose dust on your panels, the build up of dirt, pollution and moss(lichen) stays on your panels until they have been properly cleaned.
There are two ways you can get your panels cleaned. 1. You can risk your life and get up on the roof and clean them yourself. (If you do, PLEASE do not use chemicals detergents or harsh scourers)
2.Alternatively, you can get a professional solar panel cleaner in to get the job done right. I Clean Solar and SpicknSpan Solar Panel Cleaning are two options that offer affordable solar panel cleaning services and use the best equipment in the industry to get your panels spotless.

3. Get your system inspected

It is absolutely mind boggling just how many systems are out there right now that are not working, without the owner even knowing. Getting a visual inspection of your system is vital to make sure your system is in good working order. Many defects can occur especially on solar panels, and unless you’re happy getting on your roof, you would never know. I Clean Solar and SpicknSpan Solar Panel Cleaning offer detailed visual inspections prior to their solar panel cleans, and you would be amazed at what they find.

4. Get the best deal

Not all energy providers offer the same pricing and you could be missing out! Simply comparing prices on sites like ISelect could save you ALOT of money. The Feed-in tarriff rate is not the only thing you should compare. It would also pay to compare things like Daily Supply Charges, Usage Charges and Applicable Discounts.

5. Keep an eye on your consumption

Last but certainly not least, be aware of your energy consumption. Simple things like switching off your appliances at the wall rather than leaving them on stand by can help you save a large amount of energy. Checking that all lights are off as you leave your home is an outrageously overlooked tip that can also save you alot!

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