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Solar panel cleaning, why is it important? Solar panel cleaning is more important than you might think! It’s not just a matter of making your solar panels look cleaner, it is to improve the output of your solar panels, resulting in more money in your pocket. The build up of pollution, lichen, dust and animal droppings create a layer on solar panels that creates a shadow over the solar cells. As the cells rely on light(photons) and not heat, the shadow reduces the efficiency of the cells. It is critical that the correct process is carried out to clean solar panels, using only De ionized water as opposed to using chemicals or detergents. Once the clean is finished, the de ionized water dries spotlessly clear.  Solar panel cleaning is not the only thing we do when we are up on your roof. We also carry out a visual inspection of your inverter and solar panels to ensure the system is in good working order and free from factory defects and poor workmanship. We have come across many jobs already that have had defective panels and inverters, and the owners have been able to make warranty claims thanks to our written reports that are always back up with photos. To see the results of some of our work, feel free to check out our facebook page here. The before and after photos need to be seen to be believed. We also boast a 5 star rating with amazing  REAL reviews from our customers. To check them out click here. If you live in Ipswich or Brisbane (including surrounding areas) and wish to get a quote, click here, or call 0730887070. if you live on the Gold Coast, click here to get a quote from our friends at Spick n Span Solar. I Clean Solar – Regain your solar efficiency!    ...

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I Clean Solar is now 1

I Clean Solar has turned 1! It truly is hard to believe just how much the opinion of solar panel owners has changed in the last 12 months! When we first decided to start a solar panel cleaning business, we were told by everyone that we were crazy! People were saying things like, “solar panels are self cleaning”, “nobody will want to pay to have there solar panels cleaned” and my personal favourite, “the rain cleans solar panels for you”. Despite all of the negative comments, we stuck to our I Clean Solar plan and I am incredibly happy we did. We researched the best way to clean solar panels without voiding their warranty, found the best system to get it done, and opened our doors and I Clean Solar was born. We started off slowly, running part time while working full time for others until demand grew, then 4 months ago we went full time! The opinion of solar panel owners was starting to change as their energy bills started increasing. Being able to provide a service to people that actually MAKES more money for them in the long run, is actually really exciting for us. As of this week, we have cleaned over 300 solar panel systems, or roughly 4800 solar panels! Due to the complexity of solar systems it is hard to say just how much money our service has saved from peoples energy bills, but my guess is the figure would be HUGE! Our success has been the result of many things, from radio advertising on River 94.9 and 98.9FM, newspaper ads in the Queensland Times and Ipswich Advertiser, Google, Facebook and most importantly of all, word of mouth from our satisfied customers, friends and family(who I would like to thank so much for spreading the word and sharing every post we put on Facebook) As I am typing this, we have 42 “5 Star” reviews on Facebook and an average rating of “4.9 Stars” on Google. We are humbled by the REAL reviews, and also very proud. In year 2 of I Clean Solar, we will be introducing solar panel owners to the very best bird proofing option for people with pigeon problems. We will also be looking to employ and expand as demand is growing at a crazy rate. If you are a customer reading this I would like to thank you for supporting our little family business. If you aren’t a customer, feel free to check us out on our website or Facebook page. Thank you everyone, Nick & Emma  ...

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Top 5 ways to make your Solar PV System work better for you

So you have spent a large sum of money on those blue rectangles on your roof in the hope that it will make your energy bill disappear and, fingers crossed, make you money. But did you know that PV solar systems are not a set and forget system, and you need to show them a little bit of love to ensure they work at maximum capacity. Check out our list if things to look out for to get the best from your PV solar system. 1. Trees and Shading Possibly the most obvious thing to look out for, but often over looked. Make sure your trees haven’t grown to the point that they are casting shade over your solar panels during the day. Your sneaky trees may have grown quite a bit since your system was installed, so keep an eye on where there shadows are heading. Please also note that if you were told that your panels are “Shade Tolerant”, you have been lied to. Even if the shade only covers a small part of a panel, the impact is extensive and you WILL lose out. 2. Get your panels cleaned Too many times I hear the phrase “self cleaning” when people are talking about their solar panels. Sorry guys, but when the salesman told you that your panels will self clean each time it rains, he was lying through his teeth. Although rain may wash off the loose dust on your panels, the build up of dirt, pollution and moss(lichen) stays on your panels until they have been properly cleaned. There are two ways you can get your panels cleaned. 1. You can risk your life and get up on the roof and clean them yourself. (If you do, PLEASE do not use chemicals detergents or harsh scourers) 2.Alternatively, you can get a professional solar panel cleaner in to get the job done right. I Clean Solar and SpicknSpan Solar Panel Cleaning are two options that offer affordable solar panel cleaning services and use the best equipment in the industry to get your panels spotless. 3. Get your system inspected It is absolutely mind boggling just how many systems are out there right now that are not working, without the owner even knowing. Getting a visual inspection of your system is vital to make sure your system is in good working order. Many defects can occur especially on solar panels, and unless you’re happy getting on your roof, you would never know. I Clean Solar and SpicknSpan Solar Panel Cleaning offer detailed visual inspections prior to their solar panel cleans, and you would be amazed at what they find. 4. Get the best deal Not all energy providers offer the same pricing and you could be missing out! Simply comparing prices on sites like ISelect could save you ALOT of money. The Feed-in tarriff rate is not the only thing you should compare. It would also pay to compare things like Daily Supply Charges, Usage Charges and Applicable Discounts. 5. Keep an eye on your consumption Last but certainly not least, be aware of your energy consumption. Simple things like switching off your appliances at the wall rather than leaving them on stand by can help you save a large amount of energy. Checking that all lights are off as you leave your home is an outrageously overlooked tip that can also save you alot! Keep an eye out for more hints, tips and ideas coming soon. Until then, check out our facebook page for more info @

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